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Urban farming at it's finest

Let us be your answer for locally grown, nutrient rich microgreens. 

  • Microgreens salad mixes

    Microgreens salad mixes (5)

    Here are our range of microgreens salad mixes available for delivery. Grown locally but available nationwide
  • Microgreens

    Microgreens (13)

    Here is our complete range of microgreens available for delivery. Grown locally in Buckinghamshire but delivered nationally.
  • Micro herbs

    Micro herbs (4)

    Here are our range of micro herbs. Grown locally but delivered nationwide.

What are

Microgreens are tiny seedlings of vegetables and herbs such as radish, sunflower, cabbage, parsley and coriander. 

The seedlings are hervested after just 7-14 days and are jam packed with nutrients and flavour.

Microgreens Vs regular veg

All fresh veg should be enjoyed, especially locally grown fresh produce which is good for your body and local businesses. But when it comes to microgreens, these tiny plants pack a powerful punch, with up to 40x more vital nutrients and vitamins than their fully grown counterparts.

Adding a portion of microgreens to your meals is an easy way to get some added nutrients into your diet, important for  boosting the immune system, fighting diseases and improving overall health.

microgreens salad mix

How would you use them?

From garnishing a dish, creating colourful salads, or adding some flavour and texture to a sandwich adding to a smoothie and even dress deserts, microgreens can be used pretty much any way you want.

Check out our Instagram for creative ideas inspired by chefs and other microgreen lovers.